Welcome to our Club Policies and Procedures page.  We are continually reviewing this list for relevance, accuracy and appropriateness.  If you feel there is something missing, please drop us a line in the contact form.

Health and Safety Policy  Health and Safety Baile Crann CM20 2017

Data Protection Policy  Data Protection Policy Baile Crann CM22 2017

Community Inclusion Policy  Community Inclusion Policy Baile Crann CM59 2017

Disciplinary and Appeals Procedure  Disciplinary and Appeals Procedure Baile Crann CM21

Health and Wellbeing Policy  Health and Wellbeing Policy Baile Crann CM50 2017

Recruitment Procedure  Recruitment Procedures Baile Crann CM8 2017

Respect Policy  Respect Policy Baile Crann CM21 2017

Tobacco Drug and Alcohol Policy  Tobacco Drug and Alcohol Policy Baile Crann CM48

Valuing Volunteer Policy  Valuing Volunteer Policy Baile Crann CM22 2017

Club Constitution  ClubConstitution BaileCrann CM2 2017

GAA Covid-19 Guidelines on safe return to Gaelic games SAFE RETURN FOR GAELIC GAMES

Information for Players and Team personnel Summary Info for Players and Team Personnel Summary

GAA Covid-19 Regulations Summary GAA COVID Regulations Summary

GAA Covid-19 Roadmap Summary GAA COVID Roadmap Summary

NHSC Guidelines on Return of Spectators to GAA Games NHSC Guidelines on Return of Spectators to GAA Club Games 10720

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