Welcome to our Club Policies and Procedures page.  We are continually reviewing this list for relevance, accuracy and appropriateness.  If you feel there is something missing, please drop us a line in the contact form.

Code of Conduct Code-of-Conduct-2020

Code of Behaviour – underage joint Code of Behaviour – underage joint 2020

Code of Behaviour – underage local addendum club addendum to code of behaviour 2020

Health and Safety Policy GAA-Safety-Statement Club Maith Compliant 2020

Recruitment Policy Recruitment-Policy 2020

Valuing Volunteer Policy Valuing-Volunteers-Policy 2020

Disciplinary and Appeals Procedure Disciplinary and Grievance Policy 2020

Data Protection Policy Data-Protection-Policy

Equality Equality-Policy 2020

Community Inclusion Policy Community-and-Inclusion-Policy 2020

Tobacco, Drugs and Alcohol Policy Tobacco-Alcohol-and-Drug-Policy 2020

Respect Policy Respect Policy

Club Constitution  Club-Constitution Format 1 v1.1 2020 Ballycran

Club Policy on photography associated with juveniles Club policy on photography associated with juveniles 2020

Health and Wellbeing Policy Health-and-Wellbeing-Policy 2020

Club Critical Incident Plan Club Critical Incident Plan

Club Critical Incident Response – available to executive committee members only

Governance Guide – Conflict of Interest Appendix IV Governance Guide with Conflict of Interest App IV

Disability and special needs policy 2020 Disability-and-Special-Needs-Policy 2020

Club Officer Roles Club Officer Roles

Club Gambling Policy 2020 Club-Gambling-Policy 2020

Anti-bullying policy statement Anti bullying policy statement

Club Plan 2021 – 2026 St. Joseph’s GAA Club – 5 Year Plan 2021-2026

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