August 5th, 2020

Although the County’s intention might be that we will eventually get to implementing a ticket App and if you’ve already downloaded the MyTicketApp then that’ll be one less step to think about, for the present we are being instructed to allocate the limited tickets through a suitable mechanism within the Club.

Given the short time to arrange an alternative solution, the following mechanism has been agreed as being the most efficient and fair.

‘Tickets have now been allocated to the Club and Ballycran have 150 spectator tickets for the game.
In order to be fair, Club members will have first choice for these tickets.
If there are more than 150 members looking for a ticket, then a draw will take place on Thursday night.
All members can put their name in for the match draw only once.
Please carefully consider if you are applying for Children that may not wish to watch the game.
If you do not get a ticket for the first game then you will be given preference for tickets for the next game. This will then follow on to the next game, as appropriate.
If for any subsequent reason you cannot attend any of the games, then we kindly request that you let us know so that we can take your name out of the appropriate draws.
For track and trace purposes, tickets can only be transferred to members in the same household. You must inform us of this change.
If we do not sell all of the tickets then non-members will be able to apply for a ticket on a first come first served basis.
If you would like to apply for a ticket and potentially then go onto a draw stage,  then please contact any of the following:
Catherine McGourty (07843588170), Terence Masterson (07889900235) or Marguerite Fowler (07872654069) before 12 noon on Thursday.’