July 17th, 2019

Although Féile 2019 is but a distant memory, there is one significant lesson we can learn from the whole experience.

As a team, we all collectively possess skills, skills in striking, catching, passing, saving, blocking to name a few.  Practise those skills, believe in those skills, execute those skills and you can achieve impressive results.  Want to see this in action?  Take a look at our very own Ronan Breen.

Chased down by a full forward, worryingly the size of an adult, Ronan believes in his own ability to create speed, turning quickly to execute an element of surprise and confidently gets his sliotar away.  Listen to your coach, practice hard, think about the game and you too can raise your own game for the benefit of your team, club and personal enjoyment!

Posted in: Youth

Date: 17th July 2019