March 26th, 2020

Let’s set the scene, nothing much on the TV, you’ve read the newspaper from front to back, so why not treat yourself with a fresh cup of tea or coffee and sit down to see if you can solve our next puzzle and exercise your brain, which is an important aspect to keeping well during our current approach to tackling the Corvid-19 situation.

Hint: Don’t forget to have a copy of the Ulster GAA directory of Club names and grounds to hand just in case you need some inspiration.

Hint: For the Karate suit, think along the lines of a famous male karate actor’s surname.

Hint: For number 10, think along the lines of music.

We will post up the answers in a few days, good luck and thanks to Paul Smyth for the teasers!

Here are the answers…

  1. Ball+Eye+Crane = Ballycran
  2. Car+Y+Duff (Boxer Mickey Duff) = Carryduff
  3. N+Ewe+Y+Shamrocks = Newry Shamrocks
  4. Ball+Y+Girl+G+Jet = Ballygalget
  5. Lee (Bruce)+Trim+Phone (Fone)+Tin+oys = Liatroim Fontenoy’s
  6. Ship+Crane+Boat+a+Ferry = Portaferry
  7. Bread+A = Bredagh
  8. Knife+Death (Kill)+Leaf = Kilclief
  9. Ball+Eye+Var+Lee (Bruce) = Ballyvarley
  10. Ball+E+La (a music note to follow so) = Ballela

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