April 20th, 2021

As the coach gate has been closed due to ongoing maintenance, the Covid team would like vehicles to park in the main car park, where juveniles will be walked out to be collected at the car.  Senior hurlers are encouraged to park from the kitchen out towards the Community complex facility.  Thank you.

The following information has been superseded but remains here as a record of our initial drop off/pick up mechanism.

Another week of training is ahead of us and we would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone that we are still adhering to Croke Park restrictions and that means we can’t allow spectating within the Park at the moment. It’s a drop off and collect process for now. Coaches will be happy to listen to any instructions you might have for your juvenile so that you can leave the Park assured of their care.

We are working a one way system for drop off and pick up, so please take a moment to study the  pictures below. Juveniles that have been allocated training on the Main pitch will come off at Pick up zone 1. Juveniles that have been allocated training on the training pitch will come off at Pick up zone 2. You MUST collect from either of these two pick up points.

We would welcome a couple of additional traffic wardens to help us on Tuesday’s and Thursday due to the volume of traffic.

Thank you for adhering to the rules! Our County board are telling us that an unclear Park is a deal breaker. We are on a journey back to normality and we will get there smoothly with your help.

Drop off Zone at McKenna Park

Pick up zones for parents to come and collect juvenile players

Please follow the one way system around the garage