St. Patrick’s Family Fun Day a welcome sight around the Park

After almost two years of restrictions due to the pandemic, it’s starting to feel like we are now moving forward and today’s event out at the Park certainly brought a huge sense of normality back to everyone once more.  Thanks to everyone for attending today and a special mention of the Senior Camogie players, who worked hard to organise this event, which was also helped by the glorious weather and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Here’s a selection of photos taken by various folks across the day, starting with the wide range of events for the kids, then inside the hall for the big screen entertainment and finally the clash of the legends.

(St. Pat’s FFD – 1)

(St. Pat’s FFD – 2)

(St. Pat’s FFD – 3)

(St. Pat’s FFD – 4)

(St. Pat’s FFD – 5)

(St. Pat’s FFD – 6)

(St. Pat’s FFD – 7)

(St. Pat’s FFD – 8)

(St. Pat’s FFD – 9)

(St. Pat’s FFD – 10)

(St. Pat’s FFD – 11)

(St. Pat’s FFD – 12)

(St. Pat’s FFD – 13)

(St. Pat’s FFD – 14)

(St. Pat’s FFD – 15)

(St. Pat’s FFD – 16)

(St. Pat’s FFD – 17)

(St. Pat’s FFD – 18)

Match report:  With a game of three thirds that had all the hallmarks of grit and determination, the game ended in a draw and went to a dramatic penalty shoot out with Ballycran beating Ireland by one score.  A Down Camogie scout, secretly in attendance after hearing about the match, was happy to suggest that everyone playing was a total star but the stand out players were Maxine Dynes and Jenny McHugh for Ballycran and Amelda Gilmore and Audrey Hughes for Ireland.

(St. Pat’s FFD Legends – 1)

(St. Pat’s FFD Legends – 2)

(St. Pat’s FFD Legends – 3)

(St. Pat’s FFD Legends – 4)

(St. Pat’s FFD Legends – 5)

(St. Pat’s FFD Legends – 6)

(St. Pat’s FFD Legends – 7)