June 8th, 2021

Sunday morning, the 6th of June.  Carryduff’s amphitheatre main pitch hadn’t a breath of air as the temperature rose in the late morning with spells of blistering summer sunshine.  A great day to be outside but  respecting the heat and sun.

Congrats to Carryduff who kept their focus to push through with a score that declared dominance for the two halves, but those of you that managed to travel up and spectate will know that Ballycran’s young U15’s put on a gritty performance that meant Carryduff had absolutely no margin for complacency. A shout out to their keeper, who managed to hold back a barrage of goals that would have altered the end result.  Hard luck lads, it was a very enjoyable Sunday game.

Here are a few pics from the day’s play.





“Dad, it’s not Cricket” (U15-5)

Carryduff keeper, possibly their MOTM for keeping out a barrage of goal shots (U15-6)





“I’ve got you covered Dominic” (U15-11)