Dementia Awareness Workshop

On Wednesday, 21st February 2024, Roisin Coulter of Ballygalget GAC, delivered a Dementia Awareness Workshop in our club. There are over 22,000 people living with dementia in Northern Ireland today, which is in actual fact, 62% of over 65 year olds. Roisin discussed the importance of the GAA community in both observing and highlighting changes in behaviour which may be signs of the onset of dementia.

She explained that it is not just about memory difficulties, but also around changes in behaviours, routines and sometimes in personality. People who have just been diagnosed with Dementia feel their lives are massively affected by this diagnosis, but in many cases they can still function quite well to begin with.  Therefore,, society, including us, as a GAA club, need to be aware and compassionate. Understandably, there can be lack of understanding or awareness, and indeed, fear of how to deal with the problems dementia brings. The GAA community is particularly beneficial in helping to identify the signs, for example: someone who always attends matches, and then stops or perhaps arrives at wrong times etc. We, in a small, closeknit, rural community have an ideal opportunity to raise awareness. There is a check sheet available, if you have concerns about a family member or friend etc.

Many thanks to Roisin for her excellent delivery of this workshop, and to Amy Arthurs, Health and Wellbeing Officer, for organising. We are also very grateful to all attendees, pictured, and to Breda McCarthy for the lovely refreshments which were enjoyed by all!

By erinfowler Mon 4th Mar