July 1st, 2020

Comhairle Uladh

Ulster Council G.A.A.


Do Gach Runai Chontae I gCuige Uladh

30 Meitheamh 2020


A chairde,

Clarification on Covid 19 related Activities relevant to ‘Six Counties’

The purpose of this communication is to provide clarification on a number of issues pertaining to the ‘Six Counties’ where there is a variance with the position in the ’26 Counties’.

Training & Challenge Games

As you are aware clubs will be permitted to play competitive games from 17th July and the position is consistent north and south on this issue. Contact training is now permitted but in the ‘Six Counties’ there remains in place a limit of 30 participants in any outdoor gathering. On that basis challenge games are not permitted at present in the ‘Six Counties.’ The Department for Communities are preparing guidance to enable an ‘exemption’ for sport as they are mindful that the maximum figure of 30 is incompatible with the agreed return to outdoor competitive sport on 17 July. I will keep you apprised of developments but the Department are aware of our view that this sporting ‘exemption’ should come into effect as soon as possible to allow clubs the opportunity to play challenge games in the ‘Six Counties’ ahead of 17 July.

Clubs with Bars

Bars which serve food have been allowed to open in the ’26 Counties’ from yesterday, provided that they adhere to Government regulations. This will be the case in the ‘Six Counties’ from 3 July, provided that they sell food and alcohol on a table service basis. Additionally, bars with outside spaces, such as beer gardens, can use this space to serve alcohol on a table service basis. Any club wishing to open their bar facilities must be complaint with both the Government regulations and the conditions of their existing liquor licence. If a club wishes to use an ‘outdoor facility’ to serve alcohol, they must ensure that this is provided for under the terms of their existing licence. If not, they should seek legal advice as there can be serious consequences for serving alcohol in unlicensed areas.

Control measures for indoor meetings

The GAA guidance is that meetings should beheld virtually or outdoors and only held indoors where it is not possible to do otherwise. Presently indoor gathering of up to 50 people are permitted in the ’26 Counties’ provided Government regulations are adhered to, but in the ‘Six Counties’ this figure is six. While there are exemptions it is difficult to see how they could apply to any GAA meeting or training event, unless it is staff training. Should it be necessary for a unit to host a meeting indoors it should be held in compliance with the relevant Government regulations and the GAA paper on the use of Meeting Rooms which was issued yesterday.

Units will be aware that Government advice on Covid 19 related matters is continually evolving and they should keep themselves abreast of ongoing developments.


Is mise, le meas

Brian Mac Fhiobhuί

Chief Executive Officer/Provincial Secretary

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